Native plant landscapes provide exciting opportunities for public and private land owners to create beautiful spaces, conserve water and engage native wildlife. Unfortunately, there is a catch…

Plants native to our Southern California climate do not tolerate commonly installed year round irrigation systems. Maintenance crews are challenged by the ecological tolerances of these “unusual” plants. As a result a number of public installations are compromised. Maintenance as usual is not the answer.

There remains a critical need for site-specific maintenance manuals and training for these new landscapes to ensure a higher probability for success and expansion. Although generic native plant maintenance is available on the web and in print, it simply does not work.

The Council for Watershed Health has pioneered these site-specific maintenance manuals as well as a month by month maintenance checklist to assist landscape crews with all necessary tasks. We encourage you to peruse them and contact us to see how we can create a plan that works for you. Protect your public investments by giving them a plan they deserve.

A few examples of maintenance manuals we have developed are presented below:

Old Marengo Park Maintenance Manual
Target Audience: Maintenance supervisors except Checklist.
Standard version (Plant maintenance chapter includes plant info, water, pruning and care)
Extended version (Plant maintenance chapter includes plant info, exposure, soil, water, pruning and care, and habitat value)
Elmer Ave. Maintenance Manual
Target Audience: Residential Homeowners
English version
Spanish version