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Fall 2015
Preserving Biodiversity With Native Seed Resources
Winter 2015
Ecology of the Los Angeles River Watershed
Fall 2014
Sun Valley Watershed: A Model for Smart Urban Redevelopment
Spring 2014
Water In An Age of Scarcity: How Do We Ensure Our Water Supply?
Fall 2013
Southern California's Role In The Delta
Spring 2013
From Global to Local: A Mediterranean Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change
Fall 2012
Biota of the San Gabriel River Watershed
Spring 2012
State of the Watershed - San Gabriel River
Winter 2012
How The Million Trees Initiative Is Planting An Urban Forest
Summer 2011
Leading A Statewide Effort To Assess Watershed Health
Winter 2011
Station Fire Recovery and Rehabilitation
Fall 2010
Decentralized Stormwater Management: Harvesting The Rain
Winter 2010
Nature Needs Water Too
Fall 2009
Compton Gateway: Symposium for Creekside Community Development
Summer 2009
Dorothy's Law: A New Look At Managing California's Water Supply
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Fall 2015 |Vol. 16, No. 1
Preserving Biodiversity With Native Seed Resources
In this issue of WatershedWise, we highlight the efforts of the Native Seed Resources Coalition (NSRC). The goal of the NSRC is to nurture a reliable supply of locally native plants for local projects such as the Los Angeles River regeneration. Last summer, the NSRC calculated that ~3.2 million plants are needed along and within the river over next 20 years, assuming no plants die and projects are not overprinted.
Inside This Issue:
Advantages of Locally Sourced Native Plants for Public Landscapes

Southern California’s TOUGH Twelve “No Summer Water” Native Plants

Appropriate Propagule Lists

Native Plant Nursery Map for Southern California

Getting Good Seed

Mike Evans: Tree of Life

Victor Schaff: Confessions of a Long-Time Seed Collector

Native Designs