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07/01/2013Los Angeles River Master Plant Landscape Guidelines and Plant PalettesLos Angeles County Department of Public Works2004
03/20/20132012 Landscape Ethic Committee ProspectusReady2012
08/14/2012Landscape Ethic Committee Purpose StatementGolding2002
03/24/2011Vegetation Mapping, Wildlife Use, and Recreation Opportunities in the San Gabriel River WatershedMackey2008
03/24/2011H2O Abstract 2008Mackey2008
01/26/2010Sustainable Landscape BibliographyReady2010
07/15/2009Local Native Plants for Public Landscape and Restoration Projects - How & WhyMackey2007
07/15/2009H2O Abstract 2007Mackey2007
07/15/2009ESA Abstract 2004Mackey2004
07/15/2009The development of the Landscaping Guidelines and Plant Palettes for the Los Angeles RiverMackey2004
07/15/2009ESA Abstract 2007Mackey2007
07/15/2009Identifying native plant populations for seed collection to use in public revegetation projects in the San Gabriel River Watershed, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMackey2007
07/15/2009ESA Abstract 2008Mackey2008
07/15/2009ESA Abstract 2009Mackey2009
07/15/2009Please Don't Kill This! California Native Plants in the LandscapeMackey2006
07/15/2009Please Don't Kill This! Care & Establishment of Native Species in the Urban LandscapeMackey2008
06/22/2009Sustainable Landscape Speakers BureauReady2008
06/22/2009Native Plant Gardens For Schools and Urban Areas, A Survival GuideLandis2009
06/22/2009Native Plant Substitution ListEisenstein2003