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04/08/2015Vermont Median Stormwater Park Concept ReportWatershed Health2013
02/17/2015Disadvantaged Communities Visioning Workshop RecommendationsWorkshop Attendees1995
11/25/2014Garvey Avenue Stormwater Enhancement StudyArmy Corps of Engineers2014
11/25/2014North Hollywood Street Enhancement and Corridor Greenway StudyArmy Corps of Engineers2014
03/14/2014Disadvantaged Community Outreach Evaluation StudyCouncil for Watershed Health2014
09/09/2013Cuerpo de Ingenieros del Ejército de EE.UU. Planificación para Comunidades DesfavorecidasUS Army Corps of Engineers2013
09/09/2013U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Disadvantaged Community Planning AppendicesUS Army Corps of Engineers2013
09/09/2013U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Disadvantaged Community PlanningUS Army Corps of Engineers2013
01/11/201207-11-06 Letter to Lester Snow, Director, DWRVarious Organizations2007
01/10/201211-12-23 RFQ for DAC Outreach ContractorCWH2011
12/28/201111-12-28 DAC Outreach Evaluation Project Interim Report: Pilot Outreach AssessmentWatershed Health2011
11/29/201111-04-25 Pilot Project RFQCWH2011
08/25/201111-02-02 February DAC Committee NotesCWH2011
08/25/201111-03-17 DAC Committee Meeting NotesCWH2011
08/22/201111-06-13 Union de Vecinos Pilot Project Kick-off Meeting Notes 6-13-11CWH2011
08/22/201111-06-13 IRWM & IRWMP Kick-off Presentation for Union de Vecinos 6-13-11CWH2011
08/22/201111-07-27 Water-Related Needs Meeting Notes-Union de Vecinos 7-7-11CWH2011
08/22/201111-07-27 WRD & Union de Vecinos Meeting Notes 7-27-11CWH2011
08/22/201108-09-15 Final Interim DAC Outreach PlanIRWM2008
08/22/201111-08-15-Interim Design Charrette Planning Meeting notesCWH2011
08/22/201111-05-25 RFQ Meeting NotesCWH2011
08/22/201111-07-27 Charette Planning Meeting NotesCWH2011
08/22/201111-05-23 Project AlcanzaRMC2011
08/22/201110-09-00 USACE-TetraTech ContractUSACE2011
08/22/201110-09-00 USACE-LACFCD SOWUSACE2010