The Disadvantaged Community Outreach Evaluation Project develops a Needs Assessment Framework to assist the Greater Los Angeles County Integrated Regional Water Management (GLAC-IRWM) region to better engage with the residents of Disadvantaged Communities. The Council is conducting this project on behalf of the GLAC-IRWM Group with major funding provided by the California Department of Water Resources, additional funding provided by the GLAC-IRWM Group, and in-kind technical services are provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Four of the five sub-regions within the GLAC-IRWM region contain census tracts that meet the California definition of a DAC: they have median household incomes (MHI) below 80% of the statewide MHI.

The primary goal of this project is to apply critical analysis to various outreach methods and create a Needs Assessment Framework that can be used as a DAC outreach model for application throughout the state, particularly in urbanized regions such as Greater Los Angeles County. Secondary project goals are to produce project concepts that will be competitive for IRWM funding and improve the accuracy of identifying disadvantaged communities in the Greater Los Angeles region.

This project was initiated in response to the challenges encountered by the GLAC-IRWM Leadership Committee when attempting to effectively engage with disadvantaged communities on IRWM issues.

Working closely with the GLAC-IRWM Leadership and Disadvantaged Community Committee and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Council is conducting research benefitting the IRWM implementation and planning processes.


Department of Water Resources (DWR)

DWR is the primary funder of the DAC Outreach Evaluation Project. Their primary interest is to collect data from our effort, combine it with other simultaneous efforts statewide, and extract policy recommendations from the research.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

The United States Army Corps of Engineers, through its Planning Assistance to the States Program, is supplying in-kind consulting services within some of the DACs addressed by the research. The consulting services will provide technical design assistance to convert project ideas identified by the community into fundable project concepts with general feasibility questions answered.

The Greater Los Angeles County Integrated Regional Water Management (GLAC‐IRWM) Group

The GLAC-IRWM group has provided support for a Pilot Project to inform the larger DWR-funded project. The pilot project began in December of 2010 and will continue through November of 2011.

The GLAC-IRWM Group has also recognized the Disadvantaged Community Committee (described below) as a key resource for surmounting the difficulties of integrating the wants and needs of all community members with Southern California’s complex water resources management environment.

Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Committee

The DAC Committee serves as the Technical Advisory Committee for this project. The DAC Committee is comprised of organizations with expertise about DAC needs and water resources management. It serves as a full committee within the GLAC-IRWM, though does not have representation on the Leadership Committee.

DAC Committee Members

Amigos de los Rios
Arroyo Seco Foundation
Council for Watershed Health
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
Heal the Bay
Los Angeles County Flood Control District
Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation
Raymond Basin Management Board and Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster
Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
Trust for Public Land
Urban Semillas
Watershed Conservation Authority

Other DAC Committee activities

Advocate for more focus on DACs
Influence the equitable allocation of IRWM implementation funding.
Promote enhancements of the existing methodology to determine Disadvantaged Communities (80% of Statewide Median Household Income)
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