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In the Greater Los Angeles area, funding for environmental causes lags behind many other metropolitan areas. With fewer resources to go around, environmental organizations in Southern California need to think smarter and more collaboratively about how they obtain funding. It is for this reason that the Council for Watershed Health started the Environmental Funders and Media Forum series in 2012.

The Environmental Funders and Media Forums, held twice annually, represent a unique opportunity for local environmental leaders to hear from grantmakers with an eye on sustainability and the environment.

Two panel discussions first allow funders to talk about various grants available to environmental groups looking to start or finish green projects in Southern California, and then showcase media groups and members who uncover and promote the environmental work being done in the greater Los Angeles region.

The forum is meant to create a space where non-profits can network and share their ideas. Local non-profit environmental leaders and foundation, corporate and media representatives are encouraged to attend.
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