We are conducting a systematic assessment for the entire river system that includes photographs, vegetation characterization using state protocols, possible recreation opportunities, evidence of wildlife use, habitat enhancement opportunities, trash, homeless encampments, existing pocket parks, public art, etc.

The goal of this project is to establish the baseline conditions present along the river systems prior to specific restoration projects and to quantify restoration progress through time. All information available to date consists of verbal observations, journals, and old photographs, which only allows us to identify needs and measure change qualitatively with poor resolution. As we quantify and digitize current conditions, the data can be viewed, compared, and evaluated with tools such as GIS to calculate changes in a highly detailed and descriptive manner.

The final product will be a searchable web-based mapping application that could be used by planners, researchers, landscape designers, advocates and politicians to assist with future river projects. This work provides a “snapshot in time” for future development along the river system. The data and maps will be available to public agencies, businesses, and non-profits.

This project has two phases: the San Gabriel River and the Los Angeles River.
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