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The Council for Watershed Health's education and outreach efforts focus on promoting understanding and awareness of the importance of watershed approaches to resources management issues among policy-makers in government, business, and community organizations. Through increasing knowledge and understanding in policy-makers, we can carry our mission and vision forward to improve both the economy and the environment.

Quarterly Watershed Symposia provide a forum for discussion and greater understanding of issues related to the intersection of land use planning and watershed management. A diverse panel of experts weighs in on important and timely subjects from different perspectives to engage stakeholders in the discussion. The audience consists of planners, public works engineers, elected officials, watershed organizations, advocacy groups, and others.

The controversial themes, interesting speakers, and opportunities for lively discussion have lent themselves to the increasing popularity of the symposium series as a venue for open and productive dialogue where decision-makers can come together to resolve issues of debate.

Topics in the past have included valuing multi-benefit projects, post-fire recover best management practices in chaparral, secondary uses and renewable energy, and securing funding for the maintenance of stormwater projects.
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