To facilitate an inclusive consensus process to enhance the economic, social, and ecological health of the region's watersheds through education, research, and planning.
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I. Achieving regional sustainability through integrated natural resources management
The Council will stimulate and track progress towards achieving a sustainable Los Angeles
region that is managing at the watershed scale for economic vitality and environmental
health, providing for its citizens clean waters, reliable local water supplies, restored native habitats, ample parks and open
spaces, and revitalized rivers and urban centers. This goal is tied to our programs.
II. Changing policies and practices through strategic actions and communication
The Council will effectively demonstrate the benefits of changing policies and practices through our policy work, research, planning,
and project demonstrations in collaboration with agencies, municipalities, businesses, individual policymakers, and
other related organizations. This goal describes implementation strategies.
III. Working together to achieve the vision
The Council will strive to be a leader among leaders, working with government, business, academia, and organizations to
maintain and improve capacity and ensure the success of Vision 2025. This goal addresses resources.